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I miss the 90's cartoons and will always cherish my Disney VHS collection…if only my VCR still worked

A Fair(y) Use Tale

on March 28, 2012

Thanks to InkPaperPen for posting this video on my blog! I thought it very informative and extremely entertaining.

You better be able to pay for that,


2 responses to “A Fair(y) Use Tale

  1. jmpierce7 says:

    I love your blog! So much! Honestly, I try to avoid it unless I know I have a good 45 minutes of downtime because I always end up spending a lot longer browsing around than I initially intend to. And you are absolute right; that was extremely entertaining and informative. Thank you!

  2. HB Hessler says:

    Yes! I thought of you immediately. We’re going to watch it in class, too–probably next week.

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