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on April 1, 2012

I found this on popvssoda.com. It was created by Matthew Campbell and George Plumb of East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. The purpose of the map is to show what term each county in the United States uses to describe carbonated beverages. Since the map is only of the United States, one can assume that the intended audience is the people living in the United States. It was interesting to see how the results were distributed across the map, although I wasn’t too surprised that the two places I lived before going to college most commonly use pop to describe soft drinks! (I mean who uses the word “Coke” to describe Dr. Pepper anyway?)

In How to Lie With Maps, Monmonier talks about color on maps. He wrote, “Value differences and hues coexist nicely in some single-sequence, part-spectral color scales…Not only does this sequence show the pattern of high and low values as effectively as the gray-tones, but the color map is more aesthetically appealing” (168). The sequence of spectral hues used in this map make it easy to interpret its information. If the hue is darker, the percentage of people that use that term is higher. If the hue is lighter, then the percentage is lower. Although each color has three different hues, it is easy to interpret the general results just by quickly glancing at the map.

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense,


2 responses to “Pop…Coke…Soda…Other?

  1. Wow Katie this is so interesting. I really like how the map looks with those colors. I found myself focusing more on the colors than the actual subject of the map. Great post Katie!

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