a spoonful of sugar in the circle of life

I miss the 90's cartoons and will always cherish my Disney VHS collection…if only my VCR still worked

Where I’m From

I am from computers,
from Diet Dr. Pepper, and Vera Bradley.

I am from discount prom dresses and
standby flights on American Airlines.

I am from Recess, Once Upon a Time, and the Super Bowl (well, at least the commercials).

I am from Chuck and Castle,
from Hillshire Farms, from the K9 Advantix golden retriever puppy,
and from “Can You Hear Me Now? Good!”

I am from Twitter and the Tulsa World.

From “Elmo loves you!“
and “Two heads are better than one.”
I’m from Naperville, Illinois,
from music, homemade pizza, academics, and iPhones.

I am from the savory, satisfying taste of a sweet apple & ham crepe
and birthday cake gelato from Mod’s.

From the Skype session with my family back home
just so we could watch The Glee Project season finale together,
the episodes of Monk with my roommate/best friend.

I am from a cappella and Straight No Chaser
and “The Earth Falls Asleep” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

I am from iTunes
and driving down the turnpike with the volume cranked up.

I am a child of the 90’s.
I miss the old cartoons and will always cherish my Disney VHS collection.
If only my VCR still worked!


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